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The Word

Lila Kate

Lila Kate
one week old

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Triva Thursday

5 Things you May Not Know:

  1. I love frogs (kissed them for years- wishing for a prince) Yes I got him
  2. when I was dating I did the 3 strikes and your out
  3. I love corn (nothing sexier than me eating corn without coming up for air- lots of butter) #ww
  4. I ran the Chicago Marathon and probably will do a half marathon this year
  5. I love music - every song I hear/sing I relate it to something or someone in my life

How I live, why do I serve others, is my life perfect like it seems?

Pictures are never as they seem, although my life is great there are many heart breaking, teeth gritting and sleepless nights. Everyone has the same amount of time everyday 24hours a day its just how you chose to use it. For the most part I feel like I am just normal. I am extremely grateful that my husband comes home to me every night and isnt working off or out of town. Marriage is hard, no one said it would be easy, you have to chose to be together some days and others it just falls into place. I love to make people smile it fills my heart.

Selfishly I love to do things for others like:
  1. take a meal when they just had a baby- yes so I can love your baby (or if your sick)
  2. help you decorate for christmas or shower (to get new and fresh ideas)
  3. host a shower (a) just love a good party (b) great food (c)  its fun meeting new people
  4. Clean your home when your down or want to do spring cleaning
  5. Babysitting- I love to play with kids, especially my neices and nephews. however I keep my schedule very busy and really should make more of an effort to plan (I am sure it will be easier to get them for the day when they are older)
And I’m the girl who loves God and wants to serve Him. And so far? I cannot bear a child. I’ve been asked to give up and give up and give up. And when I point and question, Jesus answers me straight. What’s that to you? You follow Me.

Friday, February 21, 2014

PAST, Present and the FUTURE


Isnt it funny how life happens. I kissed a frog and got a Prince! We dated 5 years and finally got him to pop the question. Above is our First home and next is Jody and I in Oxford in our first year of dating. Man time flies when your having fun. Marriage is great but cooking everynight and working full time we let our weight slip up on us.


Below is our new home then next to it with snow on it. For some odd reason growing up I rarely Remember it snowing but every home we have lived in now it has snowed. I just think snow pictures are so pretty.


Future is hard to tell we have a huge wish list but for now it is just getting healthy, slimming down and running together. (not side by side because 1 of J's steps is 2 of mine)
Stay tuned for updated pics this year- This is going to happen.

Five dollar Friday

       $5 Make you Holla                     

   So with my new job at Wayne Farms I was told that I may have to walk thru mud/dirty area(s) not to different from my current job only its in a warehouse vs a REAL House. I love cute/comfy shoes and wear a lot of flip flops in the summer. So I have been searching for something I could just keep in my car/office to slip on when I have to go to warehouse. AKA Rain/mud boot- so Just by chance I went by the FUNKY Shoes in Laurel and lucky me I will feel Funky everytime I put these on!  Did I mention that the were 90% off making them $5!
Yes they are Brutaly bold and not stylish but for $5 who cares!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

RUN Like You stole It...

Healthy Eating- Not So Sure what my Menu will look like but here is the Plan for Mon- Friday

Mon- Taco salad (lettus, meat, a little cheese and salsa as dressing)
Tues- chilli
Wed- Church night- hamburger patty w/squash
Thurs- Fish tacos

Lunches will be left overs or deli meat homemade lunchables! 

We have started weight watchers and back to walking and soon to be running In less than 2 weeks. The old vs the new coming soon! 

Music is key to a good fast pace walk/run!
Kesha   &  P!nk are great just to name a few

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Simple Saturdays and Sunshine Sundays

Jody =work
Anna = JA 
This is my provisional year with Junior Auxiliary of Laurel. We are finishing up our project at te Laurel 9th grade Acedemy. We forget that not all kids have luxuries like washer and dryer. Many teachers have to give out femine products daily to thes girls (we know they aren't cheap) I mean that's the last thing I want to spend my $10 bill on. But it's a need for these girls in public school for some unfortunate reasons. Our classes decided to put In a wash room at the school so when the girls have accidents or need to clean up they are supplied with privacy, support, education and supplies. It's embarrassing for this to happen at school and not be prepared. 
Washer dryer - Art work by Kayla Nichols

Finished up late afternoon after scrubbing, painting and cleaning. Sinus started getting to me! Lunch with my girl Hilliary Culpepper. JA is know. For everlasting friendships because we all love to serve others. I love the concept of paying it forward. 
God has blessed me so I will continue to live with the spirit to do for others. 
After a few miles of walking I relaxed with these two beauties ! Lady and Snickers! 

Woke up sick so we missed church :( I love my church God continues to work through the music as our leaders. 
Aka the Pickering and Bro Randy + Jonathan McKenzie! 

Sun is shinning and I love it! Any wait Til I can plant flowers and work In yard (you know we have a other cold snap coming). 

Last 2 weeks of work at MDRS!! New adventures ahead! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

February in a Nut shell

Bad News is so much BETTER when it is followed with good news!
Yes I have a Career Change! Something I have never done nor would have ever done but it just so happens I should be super great at it since I love to ORGANIZE! I trust and believe that this is all part of Gods Great Plan! 

Prayers from one year ago was dad a job = prayer answered
Jody's career change just dropped in his lap as well as this job for me. 
We prayed about this when it happened to Jody and prayed about this change for me.
God always works things out how he sees fit.  He never said it would be cut and dry or without challenges.

Feb is a big Month

Here's what's going on:
Jody works long days and weekends (TAX/AUDIT Season)
FBC family:
Baby shower for Sara Williams
Wedding shower for Anna McLeod (lifelong friend)
all in the same day
In March I start a new JOB, yes I am starting a new career with Wayne Farms. I am so excited to work with a company that takes pride and appreciation for their people. I have given all that I have in my current job position and tried to move up and around because I knew I needed a change. I absolutely love to help others but I need a new energy, attitude and environment. Be careful what you ask for, be very careful what you pray for 
He is so powerful.

Whoop there it is... Babys are a blessing and gift

Blessings come even when we are down. Trials, heartaches and longing for something that we have no control over is Gods way of saying come to me, love me and trust that I will give you what your heart desires. I know this is true. Today I write because I am happy, I am so very blessed in my life with amazing people. People that have touched my life day after day.

Infertility has a weird way of bringing people together to share their stories, comforts, sorrows and anxiety. I have SO MANY FRIENDS that have been through this baby process and only a few I can count with success. I sit and think: Maybe we would have never met if it wasnt for Infertility (Dr Isaacs or Dr Holland or Dr Pace). Yes I have seen all of these doctors and more, not one with any different news or success.  After 2 years of Clomid, 4 IUIs, surgery to clear out Endometrosis/cyst, trigger shots, ultrasounds and ultrasounds (Vaginal)- we are faced with.... What Now?
Yes looks like we are up against IVF= so very complicated, Very Expensive and I am not ready

                    ~ If you will just quit trying you will get pregnant
                     ~ God will allow it to happen when it is time
                    ~ Just dont think about it (really)
                     ~ just keep my kids you will change your mind (no you just didnt)

Just pray for us on this journey, I know that we will have 10 toes and 10 fingers in our Future but for now we are taking a break. Yes, finacially, emotionally and physically we need to take a long break "yes I know I am not getting younger- do you have $15,000 for me to borrow a few times?" so this is not giving up just SAVING $ and Loving Life with everything God throws my way- Smiling and Giving my all.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Meg The Mama: Never Ever Say.......

Meg The Mama: Never Ever Say.......: If you know someone is trying to get pregnant........NEVER, under any circumstances say the following to her: 1. Just relax and you'll...

Super Bowl Sunday

Not a game I care about...

It's the food, fun, friends and fellowship! 
Keeping it simple at home tonight! Had family plans Saturday night with Duck Gumbo- Dads 55th bday! (Originally  scheduled for Sunday night- but got moved last min) so I whipped up a few things for dinner. Mannings and Ishee's joined us! Like I said Game was on but "was it even a game?" Commercials weren't even good Til the end! 

If you love her then let her go... Clydesdales so sweet

Babies Everywhere and we love it !!!