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The Word

Lila Kate

Lila Kate
one week old

Friday, February 21, 2014

PAST, Present and the FUTURE


Isnt it funny how life happens. I kissed a frog and got a Prince! We dated 5 years and finally got him to pop the question. Above is our First home and next is Jody and I in Oxford in our first year of dating. Man time flies when your having fun. Marriage is great but cooking everynight and working full time we let our weight slip up on us.


Below is our new home then next to it with snow on it. For some odd reason growing up I rarely Remember it snowing but every home we have lived in now it has snowed. I just think snow pictures are so pretty.


Future is hard to tell we have a huge wish list but for now it is just getting healthy, slimming down and running together. (not side by side because 1 of J's steps is 2 of mine)
Stay tuned for updated pics this year- This is going to happen.

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