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The Word

Lila Kate

Lila Kate
one week old

Friday, February 6, 2015

One year to the date! God always sees us through

One year ago God answered a prayer... I trusted and he showed me the way! 

I told, asked, prayed for clarity and he delivered!
What am I talking about? With God by my side he showed me to a career change!!  
Leave a so called comfy state job to work for Wayne Farms!! I am here to tell you it was a jump and leap of faith that I am so grateful to God for the chance!!! I am learning to Bloom where I am planted !!!

Jody and I started dating 10 years ago this July! I truly fee that everyone compares their life to others whether it impacts it or not! Soon as you date for 6+months people start asking when will you get married. Let time and life happen don't rush it! Yes I wanted to get married everyone around me was married or had been married... I sorta always said I was different and liked to do things my way, but really Gods way. Gods timing is so unique that it's most always recognized as such! 

As soon as we were married we began remodeling our home and began planning our family. We new we wanted kids but wanted to just see if it would happen! 5 years later we are still waiting for it to happen. Not giving up hope but being treated by doctors it really is up to God. He is the one with the plan for our lives and we are so grateful that it will be perfect. Friends all around us are pregnant just as they were all married before us. It's like trying to name your kid  a name no one else has or thought of...
You just have to pray the choices made are what God planned for you! 

Jody and I have prayed and sought Gods will and for the desires of our hearts to be answered... We want to child of our own! We both had huge career changes in the last year but I truly believe it's all part of the big plan. We have finally saved enough to do IVF this summer! I am beyond excited and hopefully. I will not disclose my entire IVF journey til the end & even if then I just feel that it should be no different then you and your spouse just having causal sex and getting pregnant.  Although prayers would be very appreciated.

We continue living and loving life & so 
thankful for some Sunshine in my life! 
Literally. Spiritually. Emotionally.

I may have the best friends ever!