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The Word

Lila Kate

Lila Kate
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sunshine on my shoulders...

Saturday fun 
Painted all pots and fresh new plants (aka-alive)

Warning a hot mess pic ---  it since no one reads this! 

Cheers to the Freak'in weekend

Working woman better yet a scientist

Yes I wear gear (ahard hat, ear plugs, safety glasses) and jeans comfy clothes everyday!!! My gear is only needed in the AM for inventory and maintenance checks!! The job is great the people Nice and the hours /work equal the pay! 



Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring fever!!

Absolute favorite flower is a tulip! Mine didn't come up this year or maybe this Inconsistent weather has them confused! So here is the latest! I am dying literally going crazy not planting flowers, really think there will be one more frost. Laid around Saturday while the hubs went to work. I love keeping the beds spruced up and pots refreshed but it's just not time yet. But what I did is went to the garage and got all the trees that we got for free (kept them from the cold) and planted them. Yep made a map and tied a colored ribbon so the yard boy wont mow them down. 

Then I updated the front doors w my boxwood wreaths #dirtcheap

Sunday I gave in and hit up lowes- unfortunately everyone else had spring Fever Too! I just bought Ferns since I was desperate for something green and fresh! 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lent and Friends

I don't usually do lent- just cause I can quit anything at any given time. I just need to live right and be a better Christain so that others may see him in me. Giving up things that take your mind and attention from God (Facebook, work, friends and social events). I am a socialite not doubt but I also love my God and above all if he says be still or be quiet I will. Our lives are surrounded by dates, schedules and events. Make time for God above all and everything he has planned for you will work out. 

Several types of friends: 

Sometime Friends are there for some parts of your life and have you in some parts of theirs. This is fine but not a best friend. Something about this reminds me of whoever we hung out with in high school or what friends are in spouses life I end up with the wive(s). Wives aren't bad and mostly enjoyable but we only hang chat when it's the group or it's an event.

Friends come in/ out of your life like seasons. Football season- let's get together for Super Bowl or a balance and grill. Getting a shower invite (wedding/baby) to see a bunch o folks you haven't and won't see Til the next (wedding/baby) shower or event. Again this is not bad it's just what it is. These are people that only know the outline of your story the one they see on facebook, twitter or Instagram. Am I showing sharing that I am living the right way? Am I inviting people to have the church family I have?

Sobering- this is not who is sober but who can make you feel sober. This is the one you run to for the good, the bad, an the ugly. This one says here is the bright side and here Is the evil "I don't know what I am saying don't listen to a word". I call it shooting it straight!! They know when you disappointed because you aren't having to sugar coat it! They believe the same way you do - in that God does forgive and they pray, encourage. This best friend remind ls us when we think we are to far gone, God still loves us and it will be okay. I call this a true friend. 

I am so very fortunate that I have several friends. I talk with them daily. Our lives don't exActly much but our hearts are all in the same place. So very grateful for people that chose to be in my life but mostly that God picked them for me! 
List of friends:
God.      Jody.         Is this you?

Monday, March 3, 2014

Life in Chapters or Life in Years

Chapter One

Kid- Teen Years

  • cheerleader
  • dance
  • 4H
  • girl scouts
  • class favorite and home coming maid
  • Asked Jesus in my Heart
  • babysat
  • fell in love
  • went from flat chested (aka Chalkboard) to lets just say developed
  • got my license (my papaw took me to take the test)
  • started my first job at 16 (had friends take me to work) til I could afford my first car
  • Graduated High School
  • Started JCJC and worked at Wellness Center

Chapter Two


  • Graduated from Massage Therapy School
  • Graduated from William Carey University/ College
  • worked as a Massage Therapist
  • started working for MDRS- OSDP
  • Leadership Jones County
  • Gained a Hand full of nieces and Nephews and a Brother in law & Sister in Law
  • got Married
  • lost my dads parents
  • lost Jodys grandparents (mom's side)
  • Got a new car (a few of them)
  • bought our First Home
  • Sold our First Home and Built a new home
  • Vacationed in Disney World
  • Ran the Chicago Marathon
  • Jody Passed His CPA exam
  • Jody Finished College at Ole Miss

Chapter Three


Jody and I both obtained New Careers
and stay tuned ....

for the Rest of OUR STORY