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Lila Kate

Lila Kate
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fun Times at the Fair- Neshoba

This was OUR (J&A) First Neshoba COUNTY Fair experience and NO one can tell you how it is you just have to experience it.

1. we arrived (parked in a pasture- FREE) Yes we went in the Jeep... only other parking option was in a yard for $50dollars make you holla.... #DAVEramsey

2. Papa (aka Robert) picked us up in the SUV so we could load all our luggage (one suit case and one bag full of toiletries and extra shoes). Yes we both packed in the same suit case (we only stayed 2 nights and just took lounge clothes gym shorts and tops and something to sleep in....

3. the Party really started when Our friends/family arrived Jenn and Chris and Lauren and Clint plus all their kids! Robert and Angie were great host but it really is a place that anything GOES, you want it just get it or do it..... no rules!

The weekend consist of the Annual Cornhole tournment (J and I never played like this before)
We went to the Rodeo (J's First) bull riding and all.
saw US in concert, Flea Market, A lil Social beverages, crab RACES at 2am, Horse Racing, The FAIR and just walking around soaking up all the goodness these cabins offer! 
And you can never come to Philadelphia without going to the Williams Brothers old country store where they still sell glass coke bottles (now they are $0.75) 

Did I mention it was Jody's 1st Rodeo and we got to stand at the fence!!! It was so HOT!!!

Flea Market- yes we came home w a Rebel painting !!
Just some of the other cabins above 
The cabin we stayed in below

Established in 1889 the Neshoba County Fair® fosters political, agricultural, and social exchanges of knowledge and ideas. Home of the state's only licensed horse track since 1922 and the nation's largest campground fair, the fair is “Mississippi's Giant Houseparty®” and was entered on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.
Amusement rides and gaming is provided by Mitchell Bros. and Sons Amusements. Fair goers all ages enjoy their time being whisk away on the rides and enjoying the games that are offered.
The fair cabin is the center of activity for families staying at the fair and the front porch is the most popular place for gathering. Porches are for sitting, visiting and just watching the neighborhood activities.
The Neshoba County Fair is the political forum for the State of Mississippi. State, Local, and on occasion National politicians come to the fair to make their speeches at the Pavilion in Founders Square. News media from around the state converge on the Square to cover the speeches.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy Place

The Beach!! 
We spent a long weekend at Jody's moms beach house! She and Henry took us fishing --- it was a great trip!