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The Word

Lila Kate

Lila Kate
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What's left to do?

It is the end of September, Jody and I have been in our Home almost 1 year! We have hosted events & parties: Christmas (both families) for my 30th! for Sunday School! for Suzanne Mannings Baby Shower! BBQs! Football parties and girls night!

It is decorated and I am almost finished with final touches

To DOs:
1. paint patio furniture

2. curtains for all rooms
3. landscaping/flowers/grass etc.
4. furniture for 2nd guest room (was hoping this would be a Nursery?)
5. get Rockers for front porch
6. paint master a color
Probably will be switching out some old pics with some NEW ones of the Nieces and Nephews!
New Neighbors moving in so To celebrate 1 year of HighLands Living and Halloween Lets Have a Party! Costume Party ! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Fantasy football

I fantasize about so much more than fantasy football ! 
Fantasize 1)about getting a pool 2)second garage (storage and pool house) 
3) having a child 
4) going to Hawaii 
5) losing 40lbs!! Yes that would be great 


Jody is in Sertoma and they did a league so I felt left out and joined a league and made my own team!! Kinda proud!!  

Baby baby baby

I might have baby fever!! But I am content with my life. Jody and I are in a good spot loving our church, sunday school, friends and Life.

May not have kids per say but love loving on everyone else's kids!! A few weekends ago was my weekend getaway to see my bestie Courtney!! And her Little fella Nolan Drake 
He is everywhere he's everywhere!! 

Changes are coming...

Changes in my house: 
curtains, comforter, doormat, air temps, flowers, activities And College Football! 
Hubby's an Ole Miss graduate so we always attend at least 1 home game this year we will make 1 home & 1 away game!  We kicked off football season with opening our home to our fellow Ole Miss friends!! 

So then Jody and I have tickets to go to Nascar race in Atl #2 & #48 neither did well at all but we had fun... (Not my style but anything for Jody) 

Hot lanta.... Yes it was! 

But on the way home we stopped in B'ham! Delish lunch and shopping was fabulous!

This is just the 1st week of Sept!! The month holds so much more! 
Be on the look out for: 
1) DIY projects finished!! Annie Sloan 
2) 1st Eva planned and organized event for My employers state conference!! 
3) TTC iui#1 
4) prepping for Fall flowers and decor 
5) decorating sisters home for shower and birthday party's