The Word

The Word

Lila Kate

Lila Kate
one week old

Monday, April 27, 2015

Miracle making and Privately Praying

And He spoke again and told me, “A mother is not made when a child is placed in her arms. A mother is made when the dream of a child is birthed in her heart.”

We did it! Jody is giving a thumbs up but he moved so fast it was blurry ! 

IVF round one! We are praying to the only Man that can make miracles! Yes a baby is a miracle! 

Dr. Said we will just go back over the landing zone and drop this embryo off and in a few days it will implant and take up a new home in you! This has been such a humbling experience and one that I am grateful that I got to experience. It's a chance to be a mom and hope for a different future! God is so Good! 
All this will be worth it !! 

Flowers from a dear friend I received while on my bed rest!!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Lap full of Love

This young kitty's number one feature was Loving us! She loved us more than we could have ever loved her! She was the Diva, the playful queen and the snuggle buddy everyday and night ! Snickers got sick on a Monday and was so sick that it couldn't be treated ! She began having trouble breathing and Jody and I had to put her to sleep! It was the worst day of our life. She was our first child and the one we planned on having forever even if we couldn't have kids. She literly slept on my pillow with me and would sit on the edge of tub while I bathed. Snickers was our greeter at the door! The one that would roll at our feet and has a basket full of toys and even her own Christmas stocking. She has been on every Christmas card we have ever had! Today she would have been 7y/o! We loved her as our child.
Kitty= kid
Rest in peace my sweet Snickers you are so very loved and missed