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The Word

Lila Kate

Lila Kate
one week old

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Triva Thursday

5 Things you May Not Know:

  1. I love frogs (kissed them for years- wishing for a prince) Yes I got him
  2. when I was dating I did the 3 strikes and your out
  3. I love corn (nothing sexier than me eating corn without coming up for air- lots of butter) #ww
  4. I ran the Chicago Marathon and probably will do a half marathon this year
  5. I love music - every song I hear/sing I relate it to something or someone in my life

How I live, why do I serve others, is my life perfect like it seems?

Pictures are never as they seem, although my life is great there are many heart breaking, teeth gritting and sleepless nights. Everyone has the same amount of time everyday 24hours a day its just how you chose to use it. For the most part I feel like I am just normal. I am extremely grateful that my husband comes home to me every night and isnt working off or out of town. Marriage is hard, no one said it would be easy, you have to chose to be together some days and others it just falls into place. I love to make people smile it fills my heart.

Selfishly I love to do things for others like:
  1. take a meal when they just had a baby- yes so I can love your baby (or if your sick)
  2. help you decorate for christmas or shower (to get new and fresh ideas)
  3. host a shower (a) just love a good party (b) great food (c)  its fun meeting new people
  4. Clean your home when your down or want to do spring cleaning
  5. Babysitting- I love to play with kids, especially my neices and nephews. however I keep my schedule very busy and really should make more of an effort to plan (I am sure it will be easier to get them for the day when they are older)
And I’m the girl who loves God and wants to serve Him. And so far? I cannot bear a child. I’ve been asked to give up and give up and give up. And when I point and question, Jesus answers me straight. What’s that to you? You follow Me.

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