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Lila Kate
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Friday, February 7, 2014

February in a Nut shell

Bad News is so much BETTER when it is followed with good news!
Yes I have a Career Change! Something I have never done nor would have ever done but it just so happens I should be super great at it since I love to ORGANIZE! I trust and believe that this is all part of Gods Great Plan! 

Prayers from one year ago was dad a job = prayer answered
Jody's career change just dropped in his lap as well as this job for me. 
We prayed about this when it happened to Jody and prayed about this change for me.
God always works things out how he sees fit.  He never said it would be cut and dry or without challenges.

Feb is a big Month

Here's what's going on:
Jody works long days and weekends (TAX/AUDIT Season)
FBC family:
Baby shower for Sara Williams
Wedding shower for Anna McLeod (lifelong friend)
all in the same day
In March I start a new JOB, yes I am starting a new career with Wayne Farms. I am so excited to work with a company that takes pride and appreciation for their people. I have given all that I have in my current job position and tried to move up and around because I knew I needed a change. I absolutely love to help others but I need a new energy, attitude and environment. Be careful what you ask for, be very careful what you pray for 
He is so powerful.

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