The Word

The Word

Lila Kate

Lila Kate
one week old

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Simple Saturdays and Sunshine Sundays

Jody =work
Anna = JA 
This is my provisional year with Junior Auxiliary of Laurel. We are finishing up our project at te Laurel 9th grade Acedemy. We forget that not all kids have luxuries like washer and dryer. Many teachers have to give out femine products daily to thes girls (we know they aren't cheap) I mean that's the last thing I want to spend my $10 bill on. But it's a need for these girls in public school for some unfortunate reasons. Our classes decided to put In a wash room at the school so when the girls have accidents or need to clean up they are supplied with privacy, support, education and supplies. It's embarrassing for this to happen at school and not be prepared. 
Washer dryer - Art work by Kayla Nichols

Finished up late afternoon after scrubbing, painting and cleaning. Sinus started getting to me! Lunch with my girl Hilliary Culpepper. JA is know. For everlasting friendships because we all love to serve others. I love the concept of paying it forward. 
God has blessed me so I will continue to live with the spirit to do for others. 
After a few miles of walking I relaxed with these two beauties ! Lady and Snickers! 

Woke up sick so we missed church :( I love my church God continues to work through the music as our leaders. 
Aka the Pickering and Bro Randy + Jonathan McKenzie! 

Sun is shinning and I love it! Any wait Til I can plant flowers and work In yard (you know we have a other cold snap coming). 

Last 2 weeks of work at MDRS!! New adventures ahead! 

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