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Lila Kate
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Friday, November 1, 2013

November "game on..."

November is an extremely busy month for A&J! With holidays, family visits and getting all our 2013 Resolutions and todo list finished up!!

Today we shopped the town- purchasing a suit for J because he has his CPA ceremony next Saturday! Yes he passed earlier this year but they only do the ceremony twice a year.  (BTW the suits were buy one get THREE FREE!!) 
The entire family will be coming In for this event! 

Can't say enough good things about JosABank, the tailor was awesome! 

We also made our way to SAMS! My sister called this the box store growing up! We buy the necessities and then some never get out of there under $200.

Finally, the jackpot was to pick up a picture getting framed from Hobby-lobby that I bought last year!   This is ChicAgo skyline!  Here is what we did with it! 

Double date night! Crescent City, Hattiesburg with Christopher and Jennifer 
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