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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November in a nutshell - Big Times and Big Deals

Big Times and Big Deals

This week has been a busy BLAST!!

Every November it is known that the girls in my family and community, mark our calendars way in advance for MISTLETOE every year. Mistletoe is in the trade center in Jackson MS, its put on my JA of Jackson. Its a large time and fundraiser at the same time. over 100 vendors participate selling products (clothes, stationary, paper products, food items, toys, books, holiday items and decor).

Jodys mom came into town this week for the GRAND Event but pre-Event we did some Christmas shopping. She hit up Dirt Cheap then Friday Mrs Terri, mom and I head north to the Mistletoe. We had to stop on the way at Shirleys and Ballyhoo then lunch (I must eat in order to shop in GOOD SPIRITS). 
Arrived at Mistletoe, paid to park close in hopes that we find so many goodies we have to take a trip to  car to unload (THiS we DID)!! They had an Inexpensive Pewter booth that I purchased some Christmas Items (gifts) from, tons of foodie samples (dips, sauces, cheese-straws, etc). I typically never by clothes at any boutique store but since my Mother in law was there She bought Some as christmas gifts!! JACKPOT!! 
Lunch at some AMAZING Italian Restaurants in Jackson

People are moving and lives are changing all around me! Jody taking the new job at Nicholson has been amazing and challenging all at the same time. Dad working and still going to interviews just wears me out!!! Just pick one and be happy!

For 6 years Jody and I worked in Laurel and are lunch almost everyday together.  Needless to say I am still adjusting. I normally would eat lunch by 1130 but since he took his new job I don't even get hungry? Yes I have folks to eat with and I love my alone time, but Adjusting is different. 

Jody received his CPA Certificate Sat Nov 9th! This day as huge, his mom, my folks and Jody's dad & Anna all went to the capitol in Jackson for to celebrate in his honor! After ceremony we went to PF Chang -  Yes everything has a meal involved.

Really do LOVE This Dude

Next week is Thanksgiving and yes I have some Christmas decor already out! 

Getting my MENU in Order!!
Shrimp dip for appetizer (I Dont know Why I know it doesnt go with Traditional)
Ham and Turkey (from the smoke house)
creamed corn
Green Beans
Butter Beans
Pecan Pie
Chocolate Pie