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Lila Kate
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bucket List (everyone has one, right...)

When I was Graduating High School I knew that I wanted to get a College Degree but where would I want my life to go, I had no clue. This time of year has that feeling of whats is next, where is my life, my GOD, my career taking me. List looked and Looks like this.
Now that I am married its not just about me but Us!! (you will see his interest they kinda stand out)
√ Get Married
o New York*
Macys Thanksgiving parade
o Go to NYC for Rockerfella center Christmas tree lighting
o visit every State 
√ Washington DC (2012 Aug)
o Vegas
o Hawaii
o visit every SEC school for ole miss game
o Go out of the Country at least once (Mission Trip)
o house with a Pool and kids everywhere
o My Masters

*went to NYC 2013 but Jody didnt get to go it is still on the list so we can do it together. Thats just how we prefer things!
I do love this man! And so darn LUCkY he is mine !