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Lila Kate

Lila Kate
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Monday, October 28, 2013

Day28 Monday FunDay #31days of Crocktober

Some how I have managed to blog everyday or twice in a day to make up for a missed day. These blogs may have little to NO Value but they are just mer thoughts that rushed through my wacky mind. BIG Things coming out in this next month and I cant wait to disclose them to you!!
First off, NO BABY yet.... (Taking a break, not preventing just not trying):)
Second most importantly Career changes are happening for Jody and I both!
Third weight loss challenge! I am excited I love running when its cooler. I can make all kinds of excuses when its hot and rainy but cooler! I just want to be outside.

This coming month we will have a Yard Transformation! I am pumped! Not sure yet if our guy will do it since he has put it off for 4months but It will happen if I have to do it myself.

Great weekend in Oxford buy I have to say I am ready to sleep late, not travel so far 2 days in a row and CLEAN MY HOUSE!

At work today with a small to do list! this makes for a great day!
Roast in CROCKPOT= CROCTOBER for supper/dinner
Did I mention I get to see this littel FELLA Saturday! yes we will be home I will still travel to see my BESTIE Courtney for our Annual Festival Festivities!