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The Word

Lila Kate

Lila Kate
one week old

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Beachin with my CPA...

A little work but a lot of play!! We finally had some down time, I mean work sent him/us so he had to do some work! It's been so busy this year with IVF and Jodys crazy work schedule we just had to take sometime for us!! We dined and relaxed for 3 days! We soaked up some Sun and Smiled like never before!! 
This is just one shot but it goes 6+ rows back and just as many on the other side of us!! So many folks 
And then it came a storm and after a storm is a promise (on so many Godly levels) 
You can barely see it but there are 2 rainbows one is so high above the one more dominantly shown!! 

Better to see both in this picture! 

God is good even when it doesn't feel right we know he will work everything out to his purpose and for better!!

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