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The Word

Lila Kate

Lila Kate
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Friday, January 16, 2015

2015 A Brand New Start (this is My Year)

The NEW PLAN= Gods Plan + Dr Kool!! (aka Dr Koulianos)

these are our MULTI vitiamins....fertility)
we will do these vitamins until we are Ready for IVF....
Jody 3 pills in AM & 3 Pills with Supper
Anna 3 pills with supper and shots (start in a few months)


then I Hit the 30++= 32
mom made these Jewels for MY Bday!

Newks Strawberry cake for Bday Cake (dont get a whole cake you wont eat the whole cake)
Less is More.
Unfortunately Dr Kool wants us to reduce Calories/eat more of Natural/organic more like Paleo.
no processed foods and reduce our wheat. But on Birthdays and holidays there are no rules. It is said that wheat and soy (along with many others) cause inflammation and make cramps/monthly cycle very terrible. Since I have PCOS and Endometrosis I have to stay away from these trigger foods.

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